Our Trend Forecast For 2023--Oops We Are Late

In 2021 we started to see the rise of the '70s shag replacing our sleek cuts and blended layers. For color, we started to see bold money pieces which transition into bold color blocking everyone has been rocking for 2022. We also saw the rise of Y2K fashion again and with our low rise jeans we also got to rock the Rachel again. So if 2022 was the year of bold colors and the end of side parts, what will 2023 bring us? Well luckily trends have cycles! We will be breaking down the trends we think will overtake 2023 like your muffin top and low rise jeans.

We've touched on the 70s and '90s coming back but this year we expect to see more of these two eras mashed up. Square bangs of the '90s but with a shaggy bangs of the '70s.

TicToc and Instagram have given people so much knowledge on their natural curls that we predict more people will embrace their natural curls. The trend of layered cuts has really made embracing texture so much easier! These cuts look amazing with an unkempt waves and lots of natural texture.

2022 was the year of coppery natural lived in red's so for 2023 we expect to see a cinnamon brunette to replace a natural red. This year will also see the rise of deep reds and the cherry cola burgundies swinging the pendulum the other way into more fashion reds and less naturals.

We expect to see our eyes of the ribbon highlight, a mixture of the chunky that was popular last year and the forever classic balayage. Making last years look less maintenance.

Speaking of blondes, we are seeing different tones this year. Warmer blondes are making a comeback, expect to see bright golds and refined warmth alongside some beautiful mushroom tones.

The last take might be controversial, I think side parts are coming back, not the same way though. With the rise of texture and volume I foresee a flippable part to give maximum volume.

Thank you for reading we are so excited to give you your best hair yet! We would love to give you ideas to evolve and elevate your look.

And as always never forget you belong here <3