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8 common hair myths. BUSTED!

Eight common hair myths busted

1. You should come to your color appointment with dirty hair.

While we don’t expect freshly washed hair color will apply more evenly to cleanish hair with no build up. This myth comes from the early days of hair color when it was so harsh, we needed buildup of oils to keep the hair healthy. Now our color is much gentler while it can break through oils and some products it best to have shampooed about 48 hours before your appointment, keeping in mind not to rough up your scalp too much be gentle.

2. Trimming your hair makes it grow faster.

While trims are necessary to long healthy hair it doesn’t make your hair grow faster but prevents split ends from traveling further up the hair strand eventually leading to a bigger cut, verses a light dusting every eight weeks.

3. There is no such thing as too much protein when it comes to most brands.

The myth of over adding protein to your hair comes from the early days of take-home haircare when the protein was animal based, now most protein is plant based and what your hair doesn’t need washes down the drain.

4. Shampoos need to be changed often as they stop working for your hair after a while.

This is false although at different times of the year or your life you might find your hair needs have changed and there's other options that work better for you.

5. You should skip conditioner if your hair is oily or limp.

This is false and can actually lead to more damage or thinner hair. To be it plumpest and fullest your hair needs moisture! Show it some love with a light conditioner there are option that aren’t as heavy.

6. Oils aren’t for everyone.

Oh, but they are! There are so many options for all hair types when it comes to oils and they are so incredibly nourishing for your hair and an awesome addition to any haircare routine. Keep in mind food grade oils don’t count leave em in the kitchen! The molecules will not penetrate your hair.

7. Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker and faster.

While this is a common myth told to all of us when we start shaving it really doesn’t make sense. The reason it feels this way is the hair now has a blunt tip. Just like how when you get your split ends trimmed up it feels thicker at the ends.

8. Silicones are harmful is the last myth will we bust and possibly most commonly believed.

Keep in mind there are many types of silicones and not all are going to be ok for your hair. Many silicones actually help deliver moisture deeper into your hair and keep it there. Water soluble silicones will not build up on the hair. So basically, like most things do your research on what products you're using or ask your stylist because they already know and its way less effort and its like their job.